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Take your skin care to the next level

With Panacea Mesostamp estheticians and other skincare professionals get a tool that empowers them to create custom treatments in a matter of seconds.
  • Create customized treatments with maximum power and targeted results.
  • Supercharge facials for immediate action.
  • Adjust results based on changes in your client's skin due to climate, season, sensitivity, ethnicity, hormones, and age.
  • Give a unique, painless experience to every client, every visit.
  • Give your clients the power to achieve their skin goals by continuing treatment with your tailor-made solution and Panacea Mesostamp™ at home.
  • No more wasting of precious ingredients. You use just the amount you need to deliver the results you want, directly into the epidermis.
  • Sterile, hypoallergenic (thanks to 24K gold plating), strong.