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Silicone Mask
Silicone Mask
Silicone Mask
Silicone Mask

Silicone Mask

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No need for your client to lie down the entire time she is pampering her skin at home. This reusable and customizable silicone mask has two sets of ear loops allowing to move around and multitask, securing sheet mask in place, preventing it from drying and boosting absorption.

  • Can be used with sheet masks, liquid masks and serums.
  • Wash with soap and water. Air dry.
  • Soft and stretchy silicon.

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    What serums or solutions can I use with Panacea Mesostamp?

    Panacea Mesostamp allows you to adjust results based on changes in your client's skin due to climate, season, sensitivity, ethnicity, hormones, and age. It can be used with:

    • Serums of your preferred professional brand and brands your establishment works with
    • Topical solutions with acne targeting ingredients
    • Topical Vitamin B12, B6 solutions, Hyaluronic Acid, topical antioxidants, topical Glutathione, Amino Acids, Peptides
    • Herbal and plant infusions, CBD oil (diluted by Hayaluronic Acid, if desired)
    • Thinner consistency dermal fillers, and Botulinum Toxin (Botox, Dysport, Vistabel, Xeomin etc.)
    • Your own custom-made formula to address your client's skin concerns at the time of the facial

    Do not waste precious ingredients. Use the amount needed to deliver desired results, directly into epidermis.

    How many times can I reuse a Panacea Mesostamp?

    We recommend using a single Mesostamp on the same individual at most 4 times with proper cleaning and storage. Panacea Mesostamp microneedles are made of 24K gold-plated titanium which makes them extremely strong and hypoallergenic. However, a Mesostamp should be safely disposed at the first signs of wear.

    A single Mesostamp can be reused by the same client in a professional setting by cleaning the Mesostamp and labeling it with the client's name for them to use at home or during their next visit.

    A single Mesostamp should NEVER be used on multiple individuals.

    Can my clients use Panacea Mesostamp at home?

    Panacea Mesostamp is a great complement to any facial. In a professional setting, clients can experience the benefits of Panacea Mesostamp and how it feels on their skin. For home use, give your clients a Mesostamp with your tailor-made solution. For best results, we recommend that you:

    • Include a Panacea Mesostamp skin infusion step into your clients' facial process and explain its function and benefits. This allows them to experience the effects and proper usage of Mesostamp in a professional setting.
    • Explain how to clean and disinfect their Mesostamp before and after each use.
    • Include your serums or solutions with written instructions on the amount to use each time. Remind them to use a circular movement to mix—avoid shaking!
    • Advise them on how often to use the Mesostamp at home and how to care for their skin after use.
    • Provide instructions in written form when possible.

    How do I clean a Panacea Mesostamp?

    To clean Panacea Mesostamp:

    • Take unit apart.
    • Rinse each part under running tap water to prevent product build-up.
    • Soak in alcohol for a few minutes.
    • Air dry the disassembled Mesostamp on a clean surface with the needles facing up.

    When should I dispose of a Panacea Mesostamp?

    You'll know when it's time to dispose a Panacea Mesostamp when the gold-plated needles start turning pale or when solution flows much faster than before. A Mesostamp should be disposed of safely in a Sharps container.

    How do I safely dispose of a Panacea Mesostamp?

    Like a razor blade or syringe, the needle head of a Panacea Mesostamp should be disposed of in a Sharps container. You'll know when it's time to dispose a Panacea Mesostamp when the gold-plated needles start turning pale or when solution flows much faster than before.

    Can I order Panacea Mesostamp in bulk at wholesale prices?

    Yes! We offer boxes of up to 100 Panacea Mesostamps for sale with large discounts. Visit our wholesale page for more information.

    Why isn't solution coming out of my Panacea Mesostamp?

    If your serum or solution isn't coming out when you use Mesostamp, try priming the Mesostamp by tapping it a few times on the skin and pausing with pressure for a few seconds. This allows the serum/solution to fill the pump and force out any air bubbles. See the video below for a demonstration.

    Note that solutions with water-like consistency (eg. botulinum toxin) will always flow more heavily with Panacea Mesostamp than serums with gel-like consistency (eg. hyaluronic acid). Loosen or tighten the screw-on needle head to find the right flow.